Product description

Wall light for the interior. Frame composed of individualised wood veneer, tailored to your project.

Measurements: 150 mm x 150 mm x 78 mm
Opal white acrylic windows.
Three choices of light source:
1 x 11 W CFL, not dimmable, OR
1 x 28 W eco halogen lamp, dimmable
LED, dimmable
Weight: 0.6 kg


Often it is the little things in life making all the difference. Cubo Cubetto is the stylistic reduction of the Cubo. An unpretentious, crisp, and clear light, but certainly a very self-confident one, it may just make the difference to your life. This light fixture is ideal for hollow drywalls. Massive walls require installation of an empty socket.

Depending on order size (20 pieces minimum) lacquered frame finishes, dyed anodised frames, powder coating, special surfaces, chrome plating, etc. are available for a surcharge. You can thus tailor your lighting solution perfectly to the colour scheme of your project.

To adapt the system to your desired lighting pattern, you have a choice of configurations of the covering windows.

top window opal white = light top 1/3
bottom window opal white = light bottom 1/3

Alternative 1:
top transparent = light top 2/3
bottom satin finish = light bottom 1/3

Alternative 2:
top satin finish = light top 1/3
bottom satin finish = light bottom 2/3, much brighter

Alternative 3:
top satin finish = light top ¼
bottom transparent = light bottom ¾

Depending on order size, the following, additional options are available:
Lacquered frame in any NCS colour.
Frame powder coated in any RAL colour.
Frame anodised and dyed.
Hardwood frame.
Frame composed of individualised hardwood, tailored to your project.