Product description

SPR10 is a small compact projector for predominantely architectural building and smaller scale applications. Available in fixed conical reflectors of narrow spot 8°, medium 30° and flood 70°.

Mounting: Installation: Mounting plate for fixing direct to hard surfaces, earthspike or pole top adaptor. Can be tilted vertically through 100°. Terminal block: 1x3x4mm². Cable entries: 1x PG11 IP68 gland for Ø 5-10mm cable.
Weight: Max. 4kg.


High performance projector suitable for high specification and superior reflector applications - Neutral design for wall and surface mounted architecture - Aimable and lockable - Integral transformer - 5 reflector options plus accessories

The fixture emits even, channeled light. The large but compact projector is suited to applications requiring high-efficiency in combination with aesthetic presence.

Aluminium colour textured, powder coated.