Product description

Material: Ceiling ring: Injection moulded PBT. Shade: Metallic, injection moulded acrylic or injection moulded white opal acrylic. Reflector: White, spun aluminium. Housing: Clear lacquer, extruded aluminium.
Mounting: Recessed: Ceiling cut-out: Ø 150mm. Ceiling thickness: 1-30mm. Terminal block: 1x3x2.5mm² or 1x5x2,5mm². Cable entries: 1x rear entry Ø 18mm. Looping: Approved, max. 5x1,5mm² or not approved.
Weight: Max. 2kg.
Class: Electric shock protection I w. ground.
Info notes: All variants can be delivered with light source and/or 2m cable + plug.

Product family


Pulsar is able to provide general lighting in a space. The major part of the light is directed downward, but, depending on the chosen conical shade, the lighting characteristics vary from diffuse to direct lighting.

Finish: Metallic, wet painted. White opal acrylic.