Plate provides indirect, soft and diffuse light. The concept of the glass plate as a floating reflector directs the major part of the light downward. Two layers of sandblasted glass with a centre laminate allow light transmission both horizontally and vertically, defining the glass shape and providing ambient lighting.
Finish: Darkgrey metallic or black metallic, powder coated. Laminated glass.
Material: Canopy: Form pressed steel. Glass: Sandblasted and teflon-coated laminated glass. Housing: Extruded aluminium. Pendant tubes: Extruded steel.
Mounting: Suspension type: Tube. Canopy: Yes. Installation cable: No. Ballast: Yes. Ballast positioning: In canopy.
Weight: Max. 15 kg.
Class: Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection I w. ground.
L 1400 x D 350 x H 830/1230 mm