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LP Grand Surface Mounted
LP Grand
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The circular luminaire is perceived as a set of coinciding rings based around a centrally positioned horizontal diffuser. A large angled reflector circumferences the diffuser and reduces the contrast around the edge. A revolved top reflector is perfectly curved to distribute uplight in a wide angle. A coloured outer shade surrounds the reflector and creates an interreflection of light resulting in a graceful glow of light on the outside of the top and bottom reflector. In total, it creates four rings of light surrounding the central diffuser.
Reflector: Mat white satin finish, Outer shade (outside): Mat (Black and Champagne) or gloss (white), wet painted surface, Diffuser: Glossy.
Top reflector: Ø 580: ABS, Ø 880/Ø 1480: PE, Bottom reflector: PE, Housing Ø 580: ABS, Ø 880/Ø1480: PE, Outer shade: Ø 580/Ø 880: ABS, Ø 1480: PUR, Diffuser: PMMA.
Ceiling bracket All sizes: Yes. Loose cable with plug for primary side of installation included in pack. Looping: No.
Min: 5.7 kg Max: 44.2 kg
Class: Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection I w. ground.

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A large, bright object. The successful partnership between Danish designer Christian Flindt and Louis Poulsen forges ahead with the ambitious LP GRAND system for large rooms. Asked for big – and got it. Christian Flindt's illuminated round fixture has a diameter of up to 1.5 metres and bears the prestigious name, LP GRAND. The fixture can be surface mounted on the ceiling or suspended by wires, and has a simple silhouette with soft harmonic lines. With LP GRAND, Christian Flindt has succeeded in developing an extremely versatile fixture series, with countless combination options. It offers architects, engineers, light designers and installers a light toolbox that can provide general lighting using a single fixture series – while also adding character through a creative approach to the project.