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Matt – A Knitted Light

The knitted light object Matt promises its user a high level of entertainment. It is made for being moved and played with. Through the use of an environmentally friendly energy saving bulb, there is no heat emission and Matt can be your friend all the way through long, platonic reading nights.

Matt is a knitted lighting element with the ability to dynamically adapt itself according to the individual needs of its user, changing its appearance with the place of installation. Hung as a single piece, knotted in a group or set on a hook on the wall: Matt simply fits into the scene of its placement, flexibly draping itself to the shape and situation of a room. The fluffy woven fabric of the knitting hides the sober technology within (like cables and socket) and evokes the impression of ropes meeting and melting into each other. The energy-saving bulb used for Matt radiates a warm, glowing light.

The Production
The yarns used for Matt are imported from Italy and knitted in Bavaria. A computerized knitting machine produces the knitted cable-cover of the light. The electric pieces are first put together, then threaded through the knit-ware by disabled people in a Berlin workshop (Vfj Werkstätten).

The Yarn
The yarn used for Matt is imported from Italy.

The Colours
The different yarns are chosen in different colours in order to enhance the meaning of colour through the use of material. Available styles of Matt therefore not only differ in nuances of colour, but also in the differentiation of material.