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Portico bookshelf
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Collection of dining/meeting tables and bookshelf in a range of sizes to suit different homes, featuring an arch motif. The arches in the bookshelf are a continuous series of semicircles, with a sinuous movement that reaches for infinity, framed by the outer structure. The table has a strong architectural imprint. Its particular assembly mechanism features a parallel cut joining the leg with the top and a radial cut joining the leg with the arch.

Technical details
The dining table is available in the following dimensions: 150x150 cm; 200x90 cm; 250x90 cm.
The structure is in natural or black-tinted oak.
The top is 4 cm thick, and covered with a 10/10 oak veneer with 20x4mm solid wood edging.
Radially-cut legs covered with oak veneer in folding finish, with a hole for the tie rod, joined to a sunken plate in the top. To be assembled in situ.

The bookshelf, which marks the introduction of a new category of furniture for Living Divani, features 20 mm thick, 44 cm deep shelves set 80 or 100 cm apart, in complete panels covered with a natural or black-tinted oak veneer. 40 mm height-adjustable side panels with arch design and hole for tie rod. Available in fixed configurations, to be assembled in situ:
80 cm shelves:
2x2 - 172cm x H 82cm; 2x3 - 172cm x H 137cm; 3x2 - 256cm x H 82cm; 3x3 - 256cm x H 137cm;
4x2 - 340cm x H 82cm; 4x3 - 340cm x H 137cm.
100 cm shelves:
2x2 - 212cm x H 82cm; 2x3 - 212cm x H 137cm; 3x2 - 316cm x H 82cm; 3x3 - 316cm x H 137cm.