Product description

Module size: cm 60x60x1,8, ready to use
Materials: the model is composed of different stone materials
Finishes:polished, reeded

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The colours of marble reveal their irresistible natural charm in geometric compositions oozing balance and beauty. Available in sixteen palettes: Aloe, Caffè, Ginger, Chantilly, Anice, Cappuccino, Club, Zafferano, Country, Sandalo, Artico, Patchwork, Chaplin, Smoking, Masala, Memphis (Aloe, Coffee and Ginger). Near-zero waste material.

OPUS: an exciting modern-day expression of industrial stone design applied to the art of marble inlay work.
Each module is easy to lay and it comes delivered in a completely finished form. The rendering and added value are the same as for a traditional work of inlay, but with some further unprecedented benefits: the possibility to choose between different patterns whose aesthetical and chromatic format is pre-defined as it has been subject to careful prior assessment, the freedom to be able to apply the design inlay to horizontal or vertical surfaces of any dimension and exceptionally short fit-out times.
The production of all the models in the Opus collection required specific studies on conformations, colours and compositions of various stone materials, with the typical production logics of industrial design in mind, in addition to research into the sourcing, quality and workability of marbles originating from across the globe.