Product description

A relaxed private space for holding impromptu meetings or working on temporary projects. Whether it is used for open discussions or for allowing ideas to flow freely, the LO Work Lounge combines work and pleasure.


The working world is weighing anchor. The daily routine is being thrown overboard. The office is evolving into an extraterritorial platform, where people work freely and processes flow without restraint – communication and concentration, individuality and community, in an interior furnishing system devised by greutmann bolzern designstudio. Welcome to the workspaces of the future: LO Mindport.

New zones.
Better ideas.
Often it is the spontaneous discussions outside the regular workspace that generate the best ideas, or a space that offers opportunities for intensive concentration. This calls for distinct working zones, each optimally adapted to the requirements of a specific activity, and an interior furnishing system that can be positioned anywhere and lends itself perfectly to any situation: LO Mindport. After all, satisfaction is the key to success in the working world of tomorrow.