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Cell | Quadruplet Pendant
Cell Lamps
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Interior lighting-Suspended lights >

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The metal spinning process gave rise to the core form of the Cell Lamp. A milk churn inspired the simple shape of the light shade which has been enhanced by the cross-ply bamboo ‘cage’ that surrounds it. The result is an award-winning design that is not only beautiful but also versatile. This work prompted the realisation that there is a need for a lighting range that has the flexibility to be used in a variety of ways. This design subsequently offers a coherent lighting solution for any commercial environment.

The Cell Quadruplet takes the premise of a row of Cell Lamps that little bit further… offering a group of four. By combining a cage of cross-ply bamboo fingers protecting a metal shade the Cell Quadruplet offers a truly unique and dynamic lighting solution.

Bamboo with aluminium or copper spun shades.

Height: 18cm x Length 70cm x Depth 15cm

Height: 7.1inch x Length 27.6inch x Depth 5.9inch

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