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L’Invisibile pocket door
L’Invisibile pocket door
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L’Invisibile presents the first Pocket door, which holds an unprecedented technological, functional and patent surplus value.

An innovative product that revolutionises the concept of assembly, handling and maintenance for sliding doors. It is the ideal partner to any settings whether at home or work.

Strong points and advantages our product:
- Extremely easy to assemble. Technology was conceived to renew and markedly simplify both assembly and maintenance of the panel, characteristic of the sliding systems known so far. Just acting on 2 screws is enough to fully install and adjust the panel, without the need to work directly on the leaf;

- 100% solid structure. The aluminium walls forming the panel housing pocket are as sturdy as the walls themselves. The structure is so solid that not even the slightest bending is formed, thereby there is no risk of cracks in the plaster and/or pre-selected finish;

- There is a TEMPLATE used as a strengthening spacer to keep the entire structure perfectly true and square during assembly, and to ensure a perfect panel housing pocket/ striker alignment;

- Highly functional sliding system. Thanks to the body-guide patented no operation is carried out on the panel. All that is required is to acting on 2 screws only, placed close to the upper corner between the top rail and the striker, always easily reached, even when the door is being used. The carriage, fitted to the guide, has bumpers so that the panel can be opened and closed while softly braked, with precise, safe and absolutely silent movements. Moreover, the guide “isolate” all the frame top rail and the panel housing pocket walls so that all vibrations caused by sliding do not affect them, which reduces any risk and defect transmitted to the plaster down to zero;

- Refined aesthetic sense. Thanks to a basic directional system that guides panel movement, the visible leaf surfaces are absolutely free of through grooves. When the leaf is open, the panel is perfectly aligned with the jamb, which grants the assembly an extremely linear and essential appearance. Moreover, this directional system keeps the door centre line aligned when the leaf slides, which guarantees optimal panel stability and avoids sideways ‘oscillation’ at opening/closing.

Technical features and details
- A casing in extruded aluminium alloy EN AW 6060 (Anticorodal 063), with a chemical treatment known as passivation, which renders aluminium fully paintable, ensuring perfect anchorage to masonry or plasterboard walls;

- A panel with hollow core structure, 45 mm thick, made with a perimeter frame in solid wood, with high-density honeycomb interior, finished with 2 MDF sheets, 5 mm thick, on each side. All visible surfaces are free of grooves (except for any work done to fit handles). Class E1- low formaldehyde emission. Panel is arranged to install 2 flush fitting handles (hole diameter: 48 mm) and pulling eyelet (hole diameter: 25 mm).
- Guide with carriage equipped with bumpers;
- Square tubular spacer, 50x50 mm, (TEMPLATE);
- Extruded vertical infilling profile fitted on the striker in place during installation; no need of fillers or screws. In fact, just press the profile slightly to fit it to the structural striker of the door frame;
- White flexible ESAFLEX HC 65 stop seal on the frame
- Black co-extruded ESAFLEX HC seal for vertical infilling

Dimensions and personalisation
The product can be made in the following sizes:
- From 700 /800/ 900 widht x H 2100 /2400 mm

Available on request:
- Scivola T lock kit (Agb)
- Flush-fitting and pulling handle kit on the edge not included;