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L’Invisibile hinged door
L’Invisibile hinged door
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L’Invisibile hinged system is the exclusive patented door, which is completely flush with the wall and reinterprets the traditional hinged opening; available in pull and push opening models.
Like all L’Invisibile products, it is distinguished by the use of concealed hinges and the absence of door frames or jambs to achieve seamless continuity between wall and door.
Ideal for renovations, it can be painted in the same finish as the walls, becoming almost invisible. Or the door structure can be left visible, with only the panel forming part of the design continuum and the panel finish. It can be coated with almost any type of material to create special atmospheres, in a tasteful way. There are lacquered (glossy or matt) and wooden versions offered as well.

Technical features and details
L'Invisibile hinged system consists of:
• A nucleus-frame in passivated extruded aluminium (EN AW 6060 alloy – Anticorodal 063) that replaces the frame (outer frame-posts) and adapts to walls and plasterboard walls with different thickness;
• A panel with hollow-core structure, 50 mm thick, made with a perimeter frame in solid wood (Bahia rosewood, toulipier or fir tree) with high-density honeycomb interior, finished with 2 MDF sheets, 5 mm thick, on each side. Class E1- low formaldehyde emission. Includes stop seals.

Dimensions and personalisation
L’Invisibile hinged system is available in the following sizes (light passage):
• Standard version: width: 600; 700; 800 and 900 mm – height: 2000 and 2100 mm
• Non standard version: width: between 500 and 1100 mm – height: between 1900 and 3000 mm (single leaf).
L’Invisibile hinged system is available in single leaf as well as double – leaf models (placed side by side or superimposed). Can be made in trapezoid shape, vertically curved and arched (fully arched or segmental arched). Can also be made in different heights, without head trim, for a shocking effect of great impact.
It can be coated with wallpaper, trims, gobelin, decorative woods, decorations, skirting board and mirrors.

New in 2010: the new profile Unico for plasterboard
L’Invisibile has designed the new profile Unico for plasterboard that further simplifies the operation of the frame: the finished plaster line marks of the doorway present on both sides provide precise and direct strikers even for the non-flush-to-wall side, guaranteeing optimum results in terms of easy assembling and final result.
The new profile Unico is available for both hinged models, push as well as pull versions.

Heat & sound insulation
The standard panel of the L’Invisibile hinged system features a noise reduction of 18 dB certified by CSI.
For a better sound insulation, there is an insulated version of the panel of the L’Invisibile hinged system. It guarantees a noise reduction of 31 dB (certified by CSI). This insulated version consists of high-density cork panels instead of honeycomb. A plastified membrane (Polistar Ecosan) enclosed between these two cork panels can be added inside the panel to further improve soundproofing. A cold-blocking bar (draught excluder) can be also added at the lower part of the panel to further improve the heat and sound insulation.