Key facts

Product description

Like a floating star, Kyklos_P1 illuminates the interiors of hotels and private homes. Its essential design consists of a perfect circle, a 2 cm thick polyurethane foam ring which projects upwards the CRI 90 light emitted by topLED, becoming a double emission source. Available in three sizes, dimmable via DALI protocol, for a simplified design and a light intensity management on various devices controlled by means of software.

Product family


Orbiting body two centimeters thick. Kyklos_P1 is a thin matte white polyurethane ring,with indirect main emission. Kyklos_P2 with a second upper ring, transforming the lamp in doubled emission. Available in three wattages and two dimensions, all versions are dimmable with DALI protocol. Wall mounted lamp with a grazing, suggestive light beams, ideal for contract and private residences.