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FIREwood – When fire protection meets high fashion.

You need a classy interior that fulfills even the most stringent fire regulations? Lindner FIREwood is everything you could wish for.

Lindner FIREwood is made of in-house produced, non-flammable gypsum panels. Depending on your requirements, it complies either with building material class A2 (non-flammable) or B1 (fire-retardant) tested to DIN 4102-1 and is therefore suited for all areas of application.

The genuine wood veneer panels, including the veneer edges, are approved for use as composites and available even in very large formats. FIREwood paneling turns even less than spectacular escape routes into truly sophisticated locations!

FIREwood acoustic – Your ears won’t deceive you.

Thanks to a special treatment of the base material and additional sound-absorbing material on the back of the paneling, FIREwood acoustic enormously improves the acoustics in buildings like school halls and places of public assembly.

We offer:
FIREwood A2 classic: plain, building material class A2 (non-flammable)
FIREwood A2 classic acoustic: perforated or grooved, building material class A2 (non-flammable)
FIREwood B1: plain, building material class B1 (fire-retardant)
FIREwood B1 acoustic: perforated, building material class B1 (fire-retardant)
FIREwood B1 Makustik Feinmikro FM: micro-perforated, building material class B1 (fire-retardant)