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Hailing from the Persian mountains - Handknotted by the free nomadic artisans, this geometric rug is made out of Persian highland wool and silk, bringing in an aura of free spirit. It is the finest craftsmanship, natural materials and style that promote the idea of a sustainable life and living - valuing every moment spent by the artisan and bringing vibrance through organic coloring. The harmony in its geometric elements, the beige, grey and red colorways uniting; bringing in a feeling of content by merging contemporary design with an ancient narrative. A designer rug spreading over 344 x 256 cm, upon a glance, will bring you in a state of harmony and add a luxurious touch to your living space.

344 x 256 cm
approx. 250.000 knots per sqm
Contemporary Geometric Design
Handknotted out of Persian highland wool and silk
Organic natural dyes only
Custom/Bespoke available on request

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Geometry, a timeless means of connecting the beginning to the end. Geometry has forever been more than just expressive geometric patterns, but rather a powerful symbolic language. Historically, in ancient Persia, architects (pers. "Muhandis) employed geometry as a tool with which they measured the proportions of the sky in order to create a harmonious balance on the earth. Geometry, intertwining science with the artistic world. Communicating on a frequency that is only visible to the ones of substance - than in contrast to superficial appearances geometry has the power to arrange chaos into harmony. Lila Valadan elevates the ancient geometric wisdom of the East, in her series "Geometry", to her unique interpretation. Excellently balancing the nature of mathematics, architecture with finely crafted rug design.