Pharaoh is a unique pendant light created for the beautifully designed and eye-catching Plumen 001 light source. Pharaoh’s aim has been to gently frame and enhance the expression of the Plumen light source, preventing glare, and ensure optimum luminous efficiency.
In addition to a precise, harmonious shape, Pharaoh is impressive in its unusual and spectacular form. When the lamp is switched off, the shade appears to be mirror-like, reflective and robust. And yet, the moment the lamp is switched on, the shade takes on a metallic transparency, thereby making the light source visible. The transformation between illuminated and non-illuminated is truly remarkable with Pharaoh really optimising this unique light source. The black ring gives the living surface a muted feel and hides the socket.

The pendant light is made of injection-moulded ABS plastic and aluminium and is finished with a strong black closely woven textile cord. Pharaoh emits warm, dazzle-free direct light. The lamp is at its best set at head height where you get a clear view of the light source. The pendant light works well above dinner tables, counters and other work surfaces, where you want an eye-catching addition to your interior decoration. Pharaoh comes with a Plumen 001 light source.

Hulger's product names centre on “monarchs and rulers”. This particular lamp is called Pharaoh as it embodies a certain amount of mysticism, just like the pharaohs in old Egypt.

About Plumen 001 – E27 11W
Plumen 001 is the world's first designer CFL energy-saving light bulb. The dynamic and sculptural shape is a beautiful advancement of traditional energy-saving bulbs. The light source uses 80% less energy and lasts 8 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb. The Plumen 001 gives out 680 lumen, which is the equivalent of a 55W incandescent bulb. The Plumen 001 was designed by Hulger and Samuel Wilkinson.