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Caleo-L1 I Recessed-mounted luminaire for T5 fluorescent lamps. Suitable for trimless installation in plasterboard ceilings 8-16 mm. Luminaire body made of white-coated steel and aluminium is leveled out in the plasterboard. Mounting brackets included. Alternative optic versions: Microprismatic Screen made of micro-structured special methacrylate / Opal-Diffuser made of matt opal methacrylate. Electronic ballast, optionally switchable, dimmable 1-10V or dimmable DALI

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What gives the lighting series Caleo its particular identity is its soft-edge design, uniting rectilinearity and soft contours at one go. The system’s rounded corners lend the architecture of the room a specific softness and a harmonious ambience. In its use of forms, Caleo goes with the times and makes possible a very wide and flexible spectrum of technical lighting applications and designs. Homogenously illuminated microprismatic screens allow its use in office landscapes while opal diffusers extend the design seamlessly to general areas of the building. Depending on the geometry of the space, various different quadratic, rectangular and linear forms of construction are available. What these all have in common is the softness of the line and the seamlessly welded body of the luminaries which can be coated in various colours.