LED linear boards and 3M OLF - prismenfoil are the basis of this new lighting series.
Each of the four boards is equipped with 32 LEDs. The light output from these four board's flows through the 3M OLF - prismenfoil creating different visual effects depending on the angle from which the light is viewed.
The light of two additional boards with 10 LEDs each, is focused to a beam angle of 4 degrees by two optical lenses and is viewed as a square of light on the ceiling.
The light needs only 10.4 watt with the option to be equipped with Accus (a rechargeable battery system), allowing the Lightobject to operate for up to 3 hours when disconnected from the power supply net.
A free moveable magnet is used to turn the light on and off.
The LED light object operates with either 110 V or 240 V electrical supply.
dimension: Ø 140 mm H 520 mm