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Basic Set Up:
The basic frame and set up is based on a modular concept and is easy to assemble and also easy to disassemble. The work tops are screwed to stable metal frame tubes.
The legs have adjustable foot plates in order to adjust any unevenness in the floor (up to 15mm).
Materials for the frames: powder-coated steel
An optimal leg space according to DIN EN 527-1 is guaranteed.

Work top height
The work top height is 72cm based on the Council Directive 90/270/EEC of 29 May 1990 on the minimum safety and health requirements for work with display screen equipment

Work top
Basic material: Multiplex
Surface: melamine
The worktops are made of Multiplex (according to DIN 68 765, emission class E1) with a melamine coating (basis aminoplast) on both sides. The coating is hygienic and easy-to-clean, to a great extent anti-static, lightfast, heat resistant, scratch resistant, abrasion resistant, water resistant and blaze resistant.
The worktop has a thickness of 25 mm.

Cable Management
Each segment is prepared for horizontal and vertical wiring. All cable routings are sufficiently dimensioned and allow a cable routing which is fully compliant with the current VDE rules or equivalent EU wiring regulations
The work top is prepared with cable outlets in order to avoid cable routings around the work top.
Due to safety reasons the trailing edge of the worktop should not be interrupted by cable cut outs.

Equipment Housing
- Rear panels are made of powder-coated perforated steel sheet
- Front panels are made of chipboard with melamine surface
- The panels are equipped with ventilation slots which provide for the necessary air exchange and are lockable.
- Housing includes a 19” rack for technical equipment.
The ease of access for maintenance to any box without disturbing the operators is allowed due to its freestanding position and the removable back panel.
Due to this fact products can easily be removed from the Control Room if major maintenance is required.