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Trigona is pronounced with the accent on the first syllable. Both the name and the shape of this pendant lamp are mathematically derived from the number three, which represents the sum of the different types
of light you can obtain. The perfect number dear to Pythagoras also indicates the number of layers of blown borosilicate glass that compose this lamp. Thin and yet robust, they overlap in concentric circles showing off various color and finish: white fading into clear, gold, titanium grey, black or burgundy red. The three nested diffusers flare out towards the rim and allow you to choose among different lighting levels, depending on the atmosphere you want to create. This award-winning suspension lamp is designed to brighten up your home
environment with a combination of light and refined glows. Materials THREE NESTED DIFFUSER, IN BOROSILICATE BLOWN GLASS, available in different colour combinations. CHROMED METAL. Available in six different colour combinations: smoked white-gold, smoked black-gold, smoked white bordeaux, smoked black bordeaux, smoked white titanium grey and smoked black titanium grey.

"Trigona, Light source LED 26 W luce direct light: LED 15W 2700K 1650lm + 1 circular circuit direct light (ring): LED 9 W 2700K 810lm + 1 circular circuit
indirect light: LED 6W 2700K 610lm, total emission: 3070lmDimmable, PENDANT, materials BOROSILICATE BLOWN GLASS AND CHROMED METAL, Diffusers SMOKED WHITE-TITANIUM GREY, Structure CHROMED METAL"

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The products of Italian lighting manufacturer Leucos are characterised by decades of know-how coupled with contemporary design.