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Discover the rare sensation of total relaxation. Saola from Leolux is a very complete swivel armchair with compact dimensions, soft cushions and refined details. Saola is also fully adjustable without having to make sacrifices in the design. So Leolux has created the perfect housemate, an armchair to simply dream away in with a book or lay back in after a long day.

Designer Joachim Nees provided Saola with her slender lines. The developers at Leolux added their expertise in the field of technology and ergonomics. With that, you are assured in Saola of superb support in any position. With the wireless remote you control the movements of the back and the seat, independently of one another. And the little ears on the headrest offer you a useful grip for fine-tuning your comfort. Actually, you almost never need to leave your Saola: you stow away the remote control in a pocket under the seat, and with the rechargeable battery version you can even charge it while seated, because the connection is cleverly located within the reach of your left arm.

Saola from Leolux: Everything has been thought of. Enjoy it!

Fully adjustable armchair
Wireless remote control for adjusting seat and back
Headrest adjustable by hand
Softly pleated cushions for a rich experience
With extra-long seat for more comfort
Lovely four-spoke base in stainless steel or lacquer
Easy to operate and charge (connection for battery version within hand’s reach)
The remote control is neatly stowed away in a pocket under the seat.