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Daja Sofa
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This exceptionally comfortable and carefully designed sofa programme is built around a robust outer shell and soft upholstery. Sitting in the Daja is like settling down in the back seat of a luxury limousine. There too, you are cocooned by the strong bodywork while you melt away into soft seats covered in fine leather. The association with a car is reiterated at several points: elegantly curving, slightly domed surfaces are edged at specific points to create a stable and structured shape, so they
lend the design a distinctive, almost streamlined look. Daja offers sofas in two different seat depths (with or without cushions) and varying widths. Apart from that, there are various modular elements, a footstool and an armchair. A programme with countless possible variations and a choice of coverings.

• Available as a 2-seat, 2.5-seat and 3-seat sofa and modular elements.
The XL programme offers a 3-seat and a 3.5-seat sofa and various modular elements.
• The footstool is ideal for both the standard and the XL version.
• The loose back cushions are available in three sizes.
• For seat, back and cushions there is always a wide choice of coverings (Leolux collection) for a personal finish.
• The modular elements cannot be placed free-standing.
• The chaise longue XL and the 3.5-seat XL sofa have different stitching. Because of the size of the elements, we decided to add a delicate extra seam on the seat.