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The wide range of units available on the catalogue is enriched by the new collection Box, closed unit for the programme T030 designed by Piero Lissoni. The ductility of the different units allows Lissoni creating sideboards and units simply matching the available programme units thus underlining their versatility and countless proposals. With the metal structure, in the new titanium finish, the system units can be easily matched as to create real sideboards, with open units as well. Available in 3 lengths (180, 240 and 300 cm) and in 5 different versions, for a total of 15 different units.
Small containers leaning of the floor are available, reinterpreting a classic style, but in the modern colours and finishes, offered by Lema.

When Piero Lissoni became the company art director, the new system programme T030 was introduced: a case unit programme, highly versatile in terms of compositions and finishes as well, not to forget colours. Besides providing for the highest possible design freedom through the many variants, Lema developed Box, a series of closed compositions, which thanks to their perfect matches and finishes, stand out as precious and original limited products. Designed to ease design and logistics as well, making installation easier and saving in terms of costs, they allow making sideboards and units, elegant and versatile, with wall configurations as well, graphically impressive, suitable to any ambience, destined to the most varied uses.
On the one side, wall compositions, with open and closed spaces which thanks to the doors allow hiding objects and open units to be profited at ease.
On the other, a series of sideboards, the result of the matching of different T030 units: real freestanding units leaning on the floors or on feet in the new titanium finish.
It is possible to freely select colours and finishes: bright and mat lacquers perfectly matched or in contrast, with woods, to make each composition unique. Benches on castors in the concrete finish to make the compositions minimal and modern as well. A new finish for the 2014 exhibition, clay, natural but consistent as well, available in different pastel colours.