Decorative wall installed LED profile with two direction light outputs up and down. Quality finish and very fine anodizing surface give you the chance to build up LED lamp what you can hang on in walking areas such as hotel hallways, cinemas, restaurants, lobby. The lamp can be powered by two high power singe color or RGB LED stripes. Great heat dissipation allow to use high power LEDs up to 30W/m. Installation to the wall is made thru the installation base which working as the hiding housing for the power supply. Wall LED Lamp and the base are sale in 2m units for future cut.

• Decorative modern design Wall LED lamp
• Great heat dissipation for high power led stripes up to 30W/m
• Two side LED light output
• Very fine anodizing surface
• Matching installation/hiding base for power supply
• Aluminum accessories

WALL LED LAMP; 131 X 33,8mm.