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30x60cm / 11.8x23.6"

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Tecnoquartz is the absolute protagonist of living in the home and large-scale planning because it unites the full body and double pressing technologies. For the first time, a single product reaches the most elevated standards of use, aesthetics and design. In fact, Tecnoquartz is without comparison; it is perfectly rectified in various modular forms: uniform size, anti-slip, non-absorbent and stain proof. It is extraordinarily beautiful and elegant like the quartzite natural stones, but stronger, resistant, eternal and therefore indicated for flooring and refinishing whether internally or externally.

Tecnoquartz is manufactured with 40 % of pre-consumer recycled materials (2 LEED points).

Base: glazed stoneware GL
Minimum recommended joint: 1mm (2mm for multiformat laying)
Thickness: 12mm
Surface finish: natural
Edge: rectified monocaliber - antique
material made with double pressing process