Product description

5,7x60 cm / 2.2x23.6” lapp. rett.
9,7x60 cm / 3.8x23.6” lapp. rett.
30x60 cm / 11.8x23.6” nat. rett. / lapp. rett.
60x60 cm / 23.6x23.6” nat. / nat. rett / lapp. rett.
75x75 cm / 29.5x29.5” nat. rett.


Like marble was in classical times, so is Stonehenge for the architecture of the third millennium. The indispensible furnishing element, the maximum expression of art, beauty and elegance that the architectural planner can utilize in any environment for each stylistic solution. A collection realized in full body grès porcelain which is unalterable in time, stain proof, anti-slip and non-absorbent. Its user performance, the simplicity of cleaning and the creativity of the architectural planner guarantees success whether in prestigious, demanding and formal environments, warm and spontaneous family environments or work and social relations’ environments.

Stonehenge is manufactured with 40 % of pre-consumer recycled materials (2 LEED points).

Base: full body stoneware UGL
Minimum recommanded joint: 1mm (2mm for multiformat laying) - 4mm for the natural edge
Thickness: 11mm (12mm for 120cm format)
Surface finish: naturale - lappata
Edge: naturale - rectified