Product description

100x300cm / 39”x118”
slimtech 3mm
slimtech 3plus
100x100cm / 39”x39”
slimtech 3plus
50x100cm / 191/2”x39”
slimtech 3mm
slimtech 3plus
50x50cm / 191/2”x191/2”
slimtech 3plus
4,9x100cm / 2”x39”
slimtech 3plus

Product variants


Slimtech re-evolution is the newest creative expansion of the 3mm laminated porcelain in sizes as large as 100x300 cm (40x118”), now presented in a new texture that recalls the appearance of resins. The result of an advanced technology, Re-evolution is the only ceramic slab obtained by a precise combination of mixture and colored glasses that, fired in kilns at 1200 Celsius, offer a perfectly planar surface.

Base: laminated stoneware UGL
Minimum recommanded joint: 1mm 
Thickness: 3mm - 3,5mm - 7mm
Finishes: naturale
Edge: rectified

3000 x 1000 mm
1000 x 500 mm
1000 x 1000 mm
500 x 500 mm
1000 x 49 mm