Product description

4,9x100 cm / 1.9x39.4”
(spessore 3 mm / 3,5 mm)
50x50 cm / 19.7x19.7”
(spessore 3,5 mm)
100x50 cm / 39.4x19.7”
(spessore 3 mm / 3,5 mm)
100x100 cm / 39.4x39.4”
(spessore 3,5 mm)
300x100 cm / 118.1x39.4”
(spessore 3 mm / 3,5 mm / 7 mm)


Slimtech Arenaria is ideal for the flooring and covering of both residential and public areas. The collection offers a range of light colours that are suited to contemporary furnishing and that combine the resistance and lightness of Slimtech . Being only 0.12’’ thick and thanks to its large 118.11’’x 39.37’’ format, Slimtech Arenaria turns flexibility and versatility into its unique and distinctive qualities.
It is the fruit of a lamination and compaction technology of grès porcelain that revolutionizes the traditional production process and obtains a completely new product which is resistant, light, flexible and ductile.

Base: glazed stoneware GL
Minimum recommended joint: 1mm slimtech - 2mm slimtech plus - 2mm slimtech twin
Thickness: 3mm slimtech - 3,5mm slimtech plus - 7mm slimtech twin