Product description

30 x 60 cm / 12 x 24”
60 x 60 cm / 24 x 24”
30 x 120 cm / 12 x 48”
60 x 120 cm / 24 x 48”


Origini, the new collection with an anti-bacterial barrier Microban® is presented in 3 different shades (white, beige and light grey) and in two thicknesses: in the traditional 11mm thickness in 4 basic sizes (60x120; 30x120cm; 60x60cm and 30x60cm) and in the slim line version Slimtech 3Plus, in a thickness of 3.5mm and oversize formats (50x150cm; 33,3x100cm; 100x100cm and 300x100cm).
Slimtech Origini 3Plus stands out due to the number of materials used and the decorations. To match the finishes and colours of the Slimtech collections, drawing on the modules of the Mauk series, trapezium and diamond-shaped decorations are proposed in a new light, resulting in formal elegance with a strong impact.
Origini goes to complete the existing ranges of marble-effect tiles in the Lea catalogue: Athena, Kalos and Dreaming. The latter is presented in the new colour variant Bianco Statuario, made even bolder and brighter thanks to the new lux finish which exalts and amplifies the value of its greyish veins.