Product description

31x31cm 12.2x12.2”


Remembrance of a timeless luxury. Creating references to the past, drawing from different cultures, bringing forgotten suggestiveness to life in the light of new contemporary perspectives... these are all symptoms of a quest for new expressions of lifestyle design. Mayfair, the new tile collection by Lea Ceramiche, expresses a precise personal taste: in its use of different distant artisan traditions and techniques it transmits a blend of aesthetic references that become modern in their metamorphosis into the expressiveness of ceramic materials.

Mayfair is enriched by a series of special items. Strips, bands and mosaics, in delicate tones and with various kinds of finish, allow greater compositional freedom, bestowing a sophisticated elegance to personal choices in mixing and matching.

technical data
base: glazed white bodied porous single-fired tiles
minimum joint recommended: 1mm
thickness: 10,8mm (riv.) - 9mm (pav.)
surface finish: natural