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2x2 cm / 0.8x0.8” rett.
2x60 cm / 0.8x23.6” rett.
9,7x60 cm / 3.8x23.6” rett.
30x60 cm / 11.8x23.6” rett.
60x60 cm / 23.6x23.6” rett.

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Makò is linen in grès porcelain that faithfully reproduces the texture of the most precious textiles. Its highly sensorial surface invites you to caress it and captures the attention with shiny and reflective stitching. Makò is realised using a new technology on a coloured and serigraphed mixture with sequences of applications that are different in their thickness, consistency, opaqueness and shine that intersect and overlap in a perfectly regular way. The collection is suitable for refinishing all surfaces of homes as well as public places; hotels, restaurants, halls, etc. Used as flooring and laid in a criss-cross design, it makes the reflections of light vibrate, creating a pleasing suggestion.

Makò is manufactured with 40 % of pre-consumer recycled materials (2 LEED points).

Base: glazed stoneware GL
Minimum recommended joint : 1mm (2mm for multiformat laying)
Thickness: 11mm
Surface finish: naturale
Edge: rectified