Product description

30 x 60 cm / 11.8” x 23.6”
lux rett. LGVETL4
velvet rett. LGVETR4
60 x 60 cm / 23.6” x 23.6”
lux rett. LGWETL4
velvet rett. LGWETR4
73 x 73cm / 29” x 29”
75 x 75 cm / 29.5” x 29.5”

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The advanced research in ceramic glazes followed by Lea Ceramiche in last years has allowed to obtain new brightness and depth effects that recall to the precious marble sensations. The experience in technology and full HD digital decorations developed through last 2 years has been able to create several different shade variations and soft tones typical of Apuan marbles as well as emphasizing the high definition of each little detail. With these characteristics, we now have all the ingredients for showing a brand new Series: Dreaming. Besides marble mine, Dreaming can offer many advantages: several sizes, matching shades, flawless items (produced in two versions "levigata" and "velvet"). Once again Lea Ceramiche shows its talent in combining together refined taste and forefront of tile research.

Base: colored body glazed stoneware GL realised using the Full HD technology
Minimum recommended joint : 2mm
Thickness: 10mm (size 60x60) - 11mm (75x75 size)
Surface finish: naturale
Edge: polished/rectified - velvet/rectified