Product description

20x60cm / 8”x24”
lapp. rett. LGKCLX0
nat. rett. LGKCL00
ant. rett. LGKCLA0
30x60cm / 12”x24”
lapp. rett. LGVCLX0
nat. rett. LGVCL00
ant. rett. LGVCLA0
40x60cm / 16”x24”
lapp. rett. LGJCLX0
nat. rett.LGJCL00
ant. rett. LGJCLA0
60x60cm / 24”x24”
lapp. rett. LGWCLX0
nat. rett. LGWCL01
ant. rett. LGWCLA0
grip rett. LGWCL05
60x90cm / 24”x36”
lapp. rett. LGACLX0
nat. rett. LGACL00
ant. rett. LGACLA0
90x90cm / 36”x36”
lapp. rett. LG9CL05
nat. rett. LG9CL01
ant. rett. LG9CLA0
60x120cm / 24”x48”
lapp. rett. LGXCLX0
nat. rett. LGXCL01
ant. rett. LGXCLA0

Product variants

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Cliffstone is the interpretation of a rocky stone that does not exist in nature but has been reinvented creatively by Lea Ceramiche. The peculiarity of the design is defined by the presence of different finishes and the wide selection of sizes.