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30x60 cm / 11.8x23.6”
60x60 cm / 23.6x23.6”
60x120 cm / 23.6x47.2”

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The Basaltina Stone Project is a collection orientated towards investigating the natural elegance of the stone and which achieves different solutions to satisfy the most sophisticated aesthetic and architectonic tastes and requirements. The Basaltina Stone Project is a full body grès porcelain that recalls the basaltina stone and assumes different colours, depending on the work process. Thanks to the different finishes and two textures, the Basaltina Stone Project is ideal for laying in interior and exterior environments. The four sizes available also help to create unique atmospheres suitable to public spaces, just like living environments that have impact and a strong character. 
Basaltina Stone Project is available in colors sabbiata, naturale, stuccata, lappata in the version Slimtech with a thickness of only 3mm! The first and only slab that can be laid on preexisting floors, false ceilings, ventilated facades and other applications.
Basaltina Stone Projec is manufactured with 40 % of pre-consumer recycled materials (2 LEED points).

Base: full body stoneware UGL
Minimum recommended joint : 1mm (2mm for multiformat laying)
Thickness: 11mm
Surface finish: levigata
Edge: rectified