Product description

35x100 cm / 13.8x39.4”


Athena is a collection that reproduces the precious surfaces of marble; it is ideal for wall and floor covering. The brightness and the veins are reproduced perfectly thanks to the excellent graphical performances of Lea Full HD technology. A vast range of decors completes the collection. The large slabs 35x100, each one different, are produced on a perfectly planar and polished surface; in the deep colors of pulpis, the light and random shades of onice and the characteristic veins of the classic travertino. All environments acquire solemnity and elegance with Athena.

Base: colored body glazed stoneware GL realised using the Full HD technology 35x35cm size - glazed white Bodied porous single-fired tiles, 35x100cm size
Minimum recommended joint : 1mm 
Thickness: 12mm 
Surface finish: naturale
Edge: rectified - lapped/rectified