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Jakub Nepraš >
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Czech Republic
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Interior lighting-Suspended lights >
Interior lighting-Suspended lights >

Product description

The video object Kůra as a whole brings out certain special characteristics of glass and should therefore stimulate the human mind. I was inspired by the flow of information spread by glass at the speed of light similar to transmissions through optic cables. The soaring amounts of such light through an aqueous cable here simultaneously remind us of something alive, natural and it’s compared to levitating bark or the soul of a tree. The contents of the videos can be understood as a cocktail of information about various emotional values and frequencies, which, when looked at as a whole, are reminiscent of some working code. The number of organic elements in the animation is filmed through rotating and other refracted characters of glass and so deny its firm form in a cooled state. The flowing domino dynamic of the animation utilises the principles of interconnected communication particles in nature. Here they flow like an encoded river of some secretive, and for us so complicated, thing that we can only regard with humility and ease like looking at some power emitter. The levitating bark full of sap and nutrients works like some kind of meditation tool stimulating the human mind. There’s time here for us to stop being, at least for a little while, so important and purely for the energy of presence to exist.

Dimensions: L2100 × W 1700 × OH 2800 mm
Light source: 3 × LED projector
Primary material: slumped glass
Power: 630 W projectors, 15 W players, 20-50 W speakers
Weight: 500 kg