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Crystal Wall
Crystal Wall
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Czech Republic
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Space partition-Wall partition systems >
Space partition-Wall partition systems >

Product description

Historically, a wall was nearly always constructed to protect and therefore its primary function was most probably to separate, however, the Lasvit Crystal Wall is the first wall to unite combining the beauty of Czech Crystal, and the practical versatility of an exclusive construction tool. There are those projects that can embody concepts of their kind and then there are those that have the power to change history and show a new, revolutionary path as Lasvit Crystal Wall. Lasvit Crystal Wall is an original building set of crystal components with predefined variety of patterns of highly aesthetic impact. It represents a new and unique versatile installation hovering on the border of applied and original art. Lasvit Crystal Wall offers new possibilities using a combination of luxury and functional interior design which was inspired by the tradition of glass application in similar Czechoslovak architecture of the 1960’s and 1970’s. The Lasvit Crystal Wall components are fortified with either an internal highly polished steel and very strong rod structure or clad on to a supporting structure to create the same effect and can be used, for example, like a wall running through several floors of a lobby in an atrium hotel or to decoratively divide but in the same way unite two smaller interior spaces.

Approximately twenty different patterns can be assembled from several basic and corner components, ranging from purely geometrical structures to highly decorative patterns in oriental style.

Colour variety is a matter of choice too – ranging from translucent to elegant plating in three different shades. Digitally repetitive structures, reminiscent of decorative patterns of forged iron grilles from Medieval castles, are used in the Lasvit Crystal Wall design.