Personalize your work space with LAMP’s SMART CUBE

LAMP launches the SMART LIGHT SYSTEM, the innovative wireless light adjustment and control system, capable of controlling luminaires On/Off, 1-10V, DALI or DMX. This allows the adjustment of luminosity in line with the illuminance detected in the work plan and also allows us an adjustment of the colour temperature and adjustment of luminosity in accordance with the time zones.
SMART LIGHT SYSTEM allows lighting to be adapted to the requirements of each work station and also to users’ needs which improves worker satisfaction at his station. This system is basically designed for spaces such as: offices, studies, hotel rooms, restaurants etc.


a) SMART CUBE is a device endowed with a contemporary design and reduced dimensions which integrates a luminosity sensor and two presence sensors. It is wireless and is placed on top of the desk, allowing both illuminance and colour temperature to be adjusted and captured. The user may customise his station using the innovative interface with Touch Sense technology.

b) The CONTROLLER is a device which receives information from sensors through the wireless network. All the luminaires connected to the same CONTROLLER will be regulated simultaneously as a single luminaire with separate adjustment of the cool and warm channels if it has them.

c) The COORDINATOR manages wireless communications via the 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4. protocol. One is required per installation.
Patent system by Zydotronic (LAMP Group)