Bank is available in three versions:
- B1: straight
- B2: curved, 45º arc
- B3: curved, 90º arc

height (all): 430 mm (16.9 inches)
width (B1): 2000 (78.7)
depth (B1): 440
- B1: 24.0 kg
- B2: 18.0
- B3: 20.0

seat frame: moulded birch plywood
seat: polyurethane foam
legs: 35 mm (1.4 inch) powder coated steel tubing

straight (B1) and curved (B2 & B3) modules
stained plywood seat frame

- a full circle of B2 modules (eight) has an outside diameter of 4100 mm (161.4 inches)
- a full circle of B3 modules (four) has an outside diameter of 1680 mm (66.1 inches)
- B2 and B3 curved sections can only be used in multiple module configurations
- legs must be specified by seating type and configuration

Features & Benefits
Bench style: applications in home, office and institutions

Molded plywood + steel tubing: common elements in stylish expression

Range of shapes: increased planning possibilities