Product family


Comfort and design
Designed to satisfy demanding functional and comfort requirements, this armchair is formally qualified by a compact, rounded contour, which facilitates its inclusion in different architectural settings.

Innovative opening system
When the seat is lowered, the arms are also brought down into the same position, thanks to the synchronised innovative opening system. Cushioned return of the seat also closes the arms shared with other positions automatically, but only when they are not in use.

Structure and materials
Seat, back and arms with tubular steel internal structure, padding in flame-retardant, cold-moulded, non-deformable polyurethane foam, with leather or fabric covering. Support beam in painted tubular steel, support base in tubular metal, covered with an ABS guard, colour-coordinated with the beam.

Beam-mounted single version with double arm, arranged in straight rows with floor fixed load-bearing bases by means of anchor foot covered by a painted ABS collar.
Installation on horizontal and inclined flooring or on steps, in straight rows.

Tip-up writing tablet with anti-panic movement
Row identification and seat numbering element.