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Armchair for theatres, auditoriums and multi-functional areas.

Armchair on beam with 2, 3 or 4 places, that can be connected in rows. Available also on single base with arms. Installation on horizontal flooring, inclined flooring or on steps, in straight rows.
Seat, back and arms:
With internal structure in tubular steel. Non-deformable, flame-retardant, cold-foamed polyurethane padding. Leather or fabric covering.
Beam in aluminium or anthracite coloured scratchproof tubular steel, with one, two, three or four places, that can be assembled in straight rows using connection joints inside the beam. Support bar in tubular steel, completely covered with an ABS guard which is colour co-ordinated with the beam structure. In compositions in rows the support bases are posi- tioned at regular steps according to the aesthetic and functional needs of the row. The bases are designed for floor mounting and the mounting is completely hidden by the guard that covers it. Seat and arm tip-up mechanism made of die-cast aluminium and painted the same colour as the beam. The device acts in synchronized manner: when the seat is lowered to put it into the use mode, the arms are also drawn into the same position. Closing is analogous, taking place by means of a special device equipped with a gas spring, with a decelerated effect in the final stage of the closing. The tip-up of the seat also automatically closes the arms shared with other positions, but only when they are not in use.
Fold-out writing tablet with anti-panic movement. Row and seat numbering.

UNI EN ISO 354:2003 Noise Absorption Test