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Armchair for conference halls, auditoriums, cinemas, theatres and teaching classrooms.

Armchairs with floor-level sides in standard depth (34 cm) or larger depth (44 cm). Armchairs on beam. Armchairs for floor fixing, installation on horizontal flooring, sloped flooring or on steps, in straight or curved rows (standard minimum radius 8 m). Centre-to-centre 52 cm or 56 cm.The armchairs on beam are also available with no-tip feet which do not require floor fixing.

Seat and back:
Internal structure in beech plywood, seat thickness 12 mm backrest thickness 15 mm, and fire-retardant, non-deformable polyurethane pad- ding, with fabric or leather covering. Backrest available in two heights, fully covered or fitted at the back with an anthracite grey micro-perforated thermoplastic guard, in a high or low version (available for 56 cm centre-to-centre installations only) or in wood, finishes on request. Backrest with inclination available with two different angles to facilitate a perfect view at all times, for stalls or gallery. Fully covered, gravity tip-up seat, with hinge pins and double steel support element.

Bearing structure in 50 x 5 mm steel plate, painted with scratchproof epoxy-polyester powder coat, in aluminium or anthracite finish side pa- nels available in two heights with fabric or leather covering, or in light oak or wengé stained oak wood finish. Armrests in solid wood (in the same finish as the sides), or padded with non-deformable polyurethane foam with fabric or leather covering. Side available with writing tablet in Medium Density with black, scratchproof PVC finish, folds away into the side with anti-panic movement. It is available also a special side that can be equipped with a larger writing tablet with anti-panic movement. In the beam-mounted version the sides have the same characteristics but are available with side panels in one height only (with the exception of the sides starting row which can also reach up to the ground).

Beam-mounted armchair structure:
Load-bearing beam in square cross-section tubular steel, with beam end protections in black thermoplastic. Tubular steel side connection supports. Feet in rectangular cross-section tubular steel with black thermoplastic beam end protections. Structures with scratchproof, anthracite or aluminium-coloured epoxy-polyester powder paint.

Table for backrest with anthracite coloured integral polyurethane top, which is tip-up by means of anti-panic movement and foldaway into a special anthracite coloured polypropylene housing. Applicable for compositions in straight rows, on horizontal flooring, sloped flooring or on steps.
Rear part of the backrest with high or low guard in anthracite coloured polypropylene (only for centre-to-centre 56 cm.) or in wood, finishes on request. Row identification and seat numbering elements in anthracite grey polypropylene. Cup holder for side. Beam-mounted armchairs can be fitted with electric system in compliance with EC regulations. For armchairs with floor-fixing arm sides on straight floor, there is the possibility to supply a special accessory allowing armchairs to be moved away from their location in 2 or 3-seater units, on wheels.

Tested according to EN 12727 standards UNI EN ISO 354 :2003 Noise Absorption Test