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The TOWN bin is made of galvanised and polyester powder coated steel sheet, T. 20/10, and provided with bin-liner holder.
The cover, D. 335 mm x H 35 mm, has a central hole, D. 140 mm, with a 50 mm border. To the latter is welded a strong hinge, T. 30/10, fixed to the bin body through three rivets with a diameter of 5 mm.
The bottom of the bin consists of a steel sheet, T. 10/10, with a padding 120 mm high and it is fixed to the bin body through an electro-welding. In the middle of the bottom there is a hole with a diameter of 8 mm in order to drain the rain.
Two solid brackets, T. 30/10, are welded to the main body of the bin to fix it to the pale.

The TOWN bin can be supplied with a pale as support. In this case the pale is made of galvanised steel, D. 50 mm T. 2 mm and H. 1200 mm, to which it is eventually fixed a rain cover made of galvanised steel as well, T. 25/10.
On the bottom of the pale is welded a base plate with a diameter of 200 mm, provided with 3 M10 holes for the ground fixing with appropriate bolts (not included).
All these elements are polyester powder coated.
All fixings are in galvanised steel EN10346DX51D+Z.

Maximum dimensions:
Dbin= 300 mm
Hbin = 500 mm
Wcover = 400 mm
Dcover = 300 mm