Product description

Projector for outdoor applications; surface mounted (ceiling, wall, ground, stake); body in aluminium, screen in serigraphed, tempered glass; finishes: anthracite, white, cor-ten, grey; 9 power LEDs; RGBW: 9 LED RGBW groups; 23W - 230Vac; RGBW: 33W - 24Vdc; total delivered lumens: 1491 lm (3000K); optics: 6°, 12°, 30°, 40°, 10°x45°; RGBW: 21°, 32°, 58°, 30°x60°, 60°x30°; LED colour: white - 2700K, 3000K, 4000K; RGBW; ingress protection: IP66; impact resistance: IK06; IPS built into the cable gland; appliance class: I; RGBW: appliance class: III; weight 2,10 kg, 2,45 kg; dimensions 283x189x48 mm, 338x170x79 mm; dimming with 0-10V

Product family


Line of outdoor projectors with built-in power supply and a design characterised by rounded corners. The aluminium body holds 2/ 4/ 9 Power LEDs, with either white or RGBW light; the optics are recessed.

The scaled, adjustable bracket allows the device to be precisely positioned. Siri can be installed by fastening down the bracket or using the base for connections.