Product description

Projector for outdoor applications; surface mounted (ceiling, wall, floor); Power consumption: 14W, 10W; Power supply: 24Vdc; Lumen output at source: 1173 lm (3000K, 14W, CRI 90), 1397 lm (3000K, 14W, CRI 80), 821 lm (3000K, 10W, CRI 90), 978 lm (3000K, 10W, CRI 80); Delivered lumen output: 1064 lm (3000K, 25°, 14W, CRI 80), 676 lm (3000K, 25°, 10W, CRI 90), 835 lm (3000K, 25°, 10W, CRI 80), 862 lm (3000K, 25°, 14W, CRI 90); 1 COB LED, 3-step MacAdam, 50 000h L95 B10 (Ta 25°C); LED colour: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K; Optics: 13°, 25°, 37°, sharp 50°, adjustable 13°x68°, optical range 15°—43°; CRI Colour Rendering Index: 80, >90; Body material: body in anticorodal aluminium; Finishes: cor-ten, white, anthracite, copper; Screen material: screen in serigraphed, tempered, transparent extra-clear glass; power supply unit not included; Ingress protection: IP66; Impact resistance: IK08; manual zoom lens adjustable using a magnet; Protection systems: IPS (Intelligent Protection System); Appliance class: class III; Weight: 640 g; Dimensions: Ø60x96 mm

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A compact outdoor projector featuring a wide range of optics, including 5° and 8° optics, 15°x47° and 46°x16° elliptical optics, and two sharp optics, which create light beams with pin-sharp edges.

It is available in a total of 7 finishes: white, black anodized, anodized aluminium, anthracite, cor-ten, copper, and the jasper green finish developed specifically for use in landscape design.

Available in a white light version or with RGB LED colour.

Pivot 2.0 also has 13°x68° elliptical optics and manual zoom lens, both adjustable using a magnet.