Product description

Recessed uplight for outdoor applications; recessed (ceiling, wall, floor); Power: 3.5W (5° optics), 5W, 7W; RGB: max 7W; Power supply: 24Vdc; RGB: max 700mA; Lumen output at source: 488 lm (3000K, 5W, CRI 80), 657 lm (3000K, 7W, CRI 80), RGB: 311 lm, R: 108 lm G: 133 lm B: 70 lm (700mA); Delivered lumen output: 352 lm (3000K, 34°, 5W, CRI 80), 463 lm (3000K, 34°, 7W, CRI 80), RGB: 235 lm, R: 92 lm G: 105 lm B: 38 lm (700mA, 34°); 1 high-intensity power LED, RGB: 3 power LEDs, 3 MacAdam steps (white LED colour), 50000h L90 B10 (Ta 25°C); LED colour: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, RGB; Optics: 5°, 8°, 11°, 17°, 20°, sharp 21°, 34°, 45°, sharp 61°, 13°x52°, 21°x42°, diffuse; 13° tiltable ±15°, 22° tiltable ±15°, 30° tiltable ±15°, sharp 35° tiltable ±15°, 48° tiltable ±15°;CRI: 80, 90; Material: body in anodized aluminium, screen in tempered, serigraphed-grey and transparent extra-clear glass; Ingress protection: IP67; Impact resistance: IK08; 5° optics and 3.5W version: 4000K only CRI 80, version with screen in white, serigraphed glass available on request; Protection systems: IPS, PID; Appliance class: III; Weight: 350 g; Dimensions: Ø72x73 mm, 72x72x74 mm

Product family


Litus is L&L’s family of high-end, drive-over, outdoor fixtures. Its cover is made entirely of glass and its installation flush with the ground combine to make it a “concealed” device, perfect for architectural light planning.

Litus offers a great variety of possible combinations: the cover can be round or square, and there is a choice of wattages and power supply units, fixed or tiltable optics and LEDs with a colour rendering index of 80 or >90, as well as a wide range of optics to suit the chosen lighting solution. Anti-glare accessories complete the offer: a honeycomb louvre or a screen that is half transparent and half serigraphed black.