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Waterborn Track 214
Waterborn Track
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Waterborn is a groundbreaking sustainable microfibre textile designed by Aggebo & Henriksen, which makes much less of an impact on the environment than conventionally produced microfibre fabrics. It is made from pure microfibres and has no woven core, which makes it very soft and easy to work with. It also performs exceptionally well with regard to embossing and ability to mould to furniture.

Waterborn is available in two unicoloured versions: Waterborn, which has a plain surface, and Waterborn Track, which features an embossed pattern.

Unlike conventionally produced microfibre textiles, which rely on solvent to extract polyurethane, Waterborn is made without solvent. The innovative production process recycles warm water in a closed system. This results in 70% less water consumption, and 35% less CO2 being generated, compared to typical microfibre production methods.

Sporty and luxurious, Waterborn is made from a combination of polyester and polyurethane. The thin fabric has a very short pile, which gives it a precise, smooth and even surface. Thanks to its high polyester count, it can be washed at 60ºC.

Waterborn delivers benchmark embossing performance, offering patterns and shapes that stand out as clear and precise. Where a pattern is embossed, the surface is shiny, where not, it is matt and unaffected by the process.

When upholstered, the fabric fits furniture particularly snugly. Additionally, it is very long-lasting: its appearance barely changes over time.

Both Waterborn and Waterborn Track are suitable for the contract market and domestic use. They combine to great effect with other textiles, and can be used as an alternative to leather or suede with a lower environmental impact.

Waterborn is available in 39 classic and contemporary colours. These are based on vibrant images taken by the designers, which capture the rhythm, energy and visual traces of major cities. As a result, the versatile palette includes natural tones and bright urban shades. Aggebo & Henriksen explain: ‘By probing deeply into the motives of major cities, we have created a series of almost monochromatic surface colours.’

Waterborn Track, also designed by Aggebo and Henriksen, features a precise and dynamic geometric pattern that shows how well the fabric performs when embossed. It is available in 11 modern and surprising colours, which are all shared with Waterborn.

85% polyester, 15% polyurethane
11 colours
140 cm wide