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Steelcut 2 110
Steelcut 2
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Steelcut is the result of the synergy created by combining Frans Dijkmeijer’s scientific based weaving techniques and Giulio Ridolfo’s intuitive sense of colour. Steelcut is designed using a new weave that produces a three- dimensional surface reminiscent of tiny pyramids or steel pinpoints. Despite the tremendous complexity of the weaving technique, the fabric has an air of precision and simplicity. Dijkmeijer lives in the South of France, and works as a freelance designer with Kvadrat. Giulio Ridolfo is the first Italian to join Kvadrat’s design team. He has many years’ experience as a textile advisor to the clothing, footwear and interiors industries – his work on Steelcut has brought Kvadrat a new dimension in colour composition. Giulio Ridolfo’s working method has been compared to a patchwork quilt, where he gathers and juxtaposes small fragments of real life in the form of image, colour, pattern and texture. He strives to retain the “colour vibes”, adapting them into usable colour palettes without losing their original vibrant characteristics. Ridolfo’s contribution is not a traditional colour palette representing the full circle of colours. His colour composition expresses an attitude that has resulted in a highly personal colour palette. Consisting of harmonious subdued colours where the colour is only hinted at, they are supplemented with a few bright accent colours. This produces a sophisticated palette that can be applied subtly or used to create a statement.

90% wool, 10% nylon
23 colours
140 cm wide