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Frans Dijkmeijer has crafted an upholstery collection for Kvadrat consisting of 3 innovative designs that can be described as ‘textile art’: Vale, Ripple and Colline. All combine precise, richly detailed 3D structures with a simple, elegant expression. In doing so, they add a sense of warmth, tactility and comfort to any interior.

All the fabrics in the collection are primarily made from wool, which is systematically anchored in several places onto a base layer of acrylic. Reflecting the trademark technical excellence of Frans Dijkmeijer, each one has a unique structure that stands out as a relief on the surface of the textile. These innovative constructions reflect the designer’s years of experimentation with different materials and weaving structures.

The intricate 3D structures that characterise the designs in the collection are created using an innovative process whereby the acrylic shrinks, but the wool does not. This causes the wool yarns, where not anchored to the acrylic base layer, to rise up from the surface of the textiles, giving them pronounced depth and volume.

The colour-scales in the collection are sophisticated and subtle, and have been crafted to complement the fabric’s complex structures: soft, natural shades such as wheat, cream and coal predominate alongside a few subdued highlight colours, like warm red and purple. The 3 designs, together with the refined upholstery fabric Perla 2.2, which features an updated colour scale, combine well as they share many of the same colour nuances.

Thanks to their inviting expressions and versatile palettes, the fabrics in the collection are especially well suited to use in private homes and hospitality venues.

Acclaimed Frans Dijkmeijer (1936 – 2011) was best known for designing precise, innovative textiles that are complex to create, yet look very simple. An expert in weaving, he created fabrics for Kvadrat from 1992 to 2011.
For Frans Dijkmeijer, the materials, colours and textures should always be treated as parts of an organic whole: the creation of harmony by balancing the different elements of a design was a theme central to his work.

The designer’s innovative work reflects the fact that he consistently experimented with different types of yarn and weaving in his studio. In 2000, he received the ‘Profiel’-prize for his versatility as a textile designer. In recognition of this achievement, the prestigious Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam displayed a retro-spective exhibition of his textiles.

56% wool, 38% acrylic, 6% nylon
4 colours
140 cm wide

Ripple features a tactile, structured surface, reminiscent of ripples travelling across water. The relief of this organic pattern adds much depth and detail to the fabric and gives it a very lively expression.
The textile comes in 4 colours options: a unicoloured off white and 3 colourways featuring deep black combined with midnight blue or deep brown or anthracite grey. Due to the relief of the pattern different nuances appear across the surface.