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Ray 2 345
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Ray 2 345


Ray 1 and Ray 2 are technical curtains which provide a high level of screening against heat and light. Both curtains are made from transparent fabrics in 100% Trevira CS with an aluminium backing. The backing reflects heat rays and visible light to a varying degree, and therefore helps to create a pleasant and healthy indoor climate inside buildings that are exposed to high levels of sunlight and heat – a function that usually involves a high-cost solution such as air-conditioning installations. Where screening curtains are concerned, it is a question of light transmission, which is the amount of heat and light rays that penetrate the aluminium backing. Screening curtains are not blackout curtains. They resemble and function in the same way as traditional curtains. The screening works either by reflecting or absorbing light and rays. The extent to which a curtain reflects or absorbs depends on the colour of the fabric. Light colours reflect the most, while dark colours absorb the most.

Ray 1 and Ray 2 have different reflection and absorption strengths, Ray 2 is more closely woven and therefore has a stronger effect than Ray 1. Ray’s two qualities make the curtain particularly suitable for large sections of window, where there is a need to screen light and heat, without blocking out the daylight entirely. The climate and the size of the glazed area in relation to the room can be taken into account. It is also possible to “play” with the transparency of the curtains by combining the two qualities on the same section of window. In buildings which require screening on more than one side, it is perfectly feasible to use a combination of Ray 1 and Ray 2, so that Ray 1 is, for example, used on north-facing windows and Ray 2 on south-facing windows. The 240 cm wide product can be hung both horizontally and vertically, thereby increasing its potential use. Seams can also normally be avoided in this way. Ray 1 and Ray 2’s colour scheme was created by Italian designer Giulio Ridolfo, who has worked in fashion and interior design for many years. The colour palette was developed to encompass neutral, clear colours, spiced with a few powerful elements. The 13 colours are available in both qualities.

100% Trevira CS
13 colours
240 cm wide