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Pi 103
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Pi 103


We cannot suspend the law of gravity, but we have suspended the pattern repeat on our new curtains.

Dutch textile designer Jeroen Vinken has created a woven collection of curtains in non-colours with practically endless pattern repeats (12 – 21 m), which opens up completely new horizons in terms of individual curtain solutions. Jeroen’s design philosophy is that there’s “no need to design what has been done before” – and his goal is to develop new images, new visual representations and tactile experiments. His inspiration comes from techniques and materials – seeing how they can be used in ways other than the conventional ways – he tries not to limit himself and makes extensive use of the technical capabilities provided by computers, for example. Another source of inspiration is the concept that shapes and images can be modified when they are repeated. This is a reflection of reality – “everything comes around again, but always in a different way” – and that’s very much the case with the curtain collection that Jeroen has created for Kvadrat!

The collection comprises four designs in a satin weave using cut-technique. The design using the very long pattern repeats is dramatic in its own right. The cut-technique gives the curtain fascinating light-and-shade effects and a semi-transparent look. All four designs are available in two colours: white and off white. Despite the very long pattern repeats, the curtain also works well in shorter lengths, and the curtain also has a distinctive elegant look as either Roman blinds or panel curtains. The very long pattern repeats do offer fascinating possibilities in major new building projects of 100 offices, for example, since the pattern repeat lengths enable the curtains in each room to look the same, only different. In the words of the designer: “You construct a picture made from the same components, but each picture looks different – a repetition, but never the same!”

The names of the four designs – My, Pi, Sigma and Zeta – refer directly to the design: My (micro) is the design that uses small, narrow lines. PI resembles the Greek/mathematical PI symbol. Sigma also resembles the Greek symbol  and Zeta is a Z in wide lengths. Jeroen Vinken is a qualified textile designer, who attended Academy of Industrial design in Eindhoven, Holland.

100% Trevira CS
2 colours
147 cm wide Pattern repeat 12 m